Personal Life Coaching Testimonials

Personal life coaching can make a difference in your life as it has these for these clients.

I felt stuck in life after a major life change and recognized there were obstacles causing me difficulty in the confident life I had known as a person prior to my change.

What I have gleaned from this experience is partially because the effort I have put into it-thought, journaling, willingly participating-one can’t simply show up for the coaching session.  At the same time, I don’t think it is possible for one to have this kind of growth experience simply by reading, pondering, and journaling on his or her own.  Working with my life coach made the growth process more complete because she knew how to ask the right questions to help me discover solutions and answers as well as hold me accountable for goals I had  set for myself.

What I liked best about coaching was the validation I received.  Feeling like I had someone on my side.   I would consider hiring a coach in the future when I can’t seem to move in a positive direction or when I don’t see the possibilities anymore.

Before beginning life coaching, I didn’t have a clear understanding of how the experience would help. But over the past two months, I have found that the experience has been invaluable. 
— J.H.

Equine Guided Coaching can be as effective for you has it has been for these clients.

Working with horses as a coaching medium was a powerful experience for me.  Martha’s gentle questioning and observations helped uncover core behaviors that were in the way of getting what I want in my life.  As I worked to connect with the horses I uncovered and quickly shifted patterns in my life that have prevented from fully connecting with people.  Vivid images of the horses are easily recalled and serve as reminders and encouragement as I shift life long habits.  I was surprised at how quickly and effectively the process surfaced energy, thoughts or feelings that were in my way of moving forward in my life.  I would highly recommend the experience!

Stephanie McGovern      High Performance Systems, Inc.

Being close to those gentle, majestic animals was relaxing and set a perfect stage for welcome inner stillness and introspection.  I appreciated Martha’s thought-provoking questions and was intrigued by her astute observations of my own behavior and the mirroring behavior of the horses nearby.  I am impressed that the quiet ‘being’ of the horses helped to facilitate getting at the heart of my intention far more quickly than ordinary coaching techniques in an office or over the telephone.

Norma Gilstrap, Sandford Medical Center, Trainer and Coach